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Download Death Race 2 2011 - BRRip

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Death Race 2 2011 - BRRip

 Size : 550 mb 

Synopsis :
Download Death Race 2 2011. Death Race 2 takes place in the very near future, as the United States economy begins to decline and violent crime starts to spiral out of control. To contain the growing criminal population, a vast network of for-profit, private prisons springs up, creating a lawless subculture ruled by gangs, cold-blooded killers and sociopaths. The worst of these prisons is Terminal Island. Convicted cop-killer Carl Lucas arrives on the Island to serve his life sentence just as ruthlessly ambitious television personality September Jones launches the ultimate reality show, Death Race. A brutal prison yard demolition derby that pits prisoners against each other in steel reinforced, heavily armed vehicles, Death Race offers the winner the ultimate prize: freedom - if he can survive to enjoy it. When Lucas signs up to be a driver, the stage is set for the birth of a legendary racer.

Info : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1500491/
Director : Roel Reiné
Genre:  Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Stars: Luke Goss, Lauren Cohan and Sean Bean

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