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Download Night Wolf 2012

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Night Wolf 2011 - DVDRip

Size : 300 mb

Quality : DVDRip  720p

Synopsis :
Download  Night Wolf 2012. Sarah returns home to her troubled family after a much put off visit. As a storm rages through the countryside, she and her family find themselves isolated. As night falls, cut off from the outside world, a bloodthirsty creature comes out of the darkness tearing through their home leaving the group besieged. Trapped and scared, the few who survive its initial attack will put a strategic plan together to stop the creature that is hunting them down limb by limb only to discover that the creature, itself, is already among them.
Info :
Director: Jonathan Glendening
Genre: Horror
Stars: Gemma Atkinson, Joshua Bowman and Isabella Calthorpe

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nice gan
ijin download ya
buat koleksi

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